Competing Sharon Moores PRE Stallion - Paje
October 2011


Training on your own horse.


Available to ride your horse/pony to progress training.

Lessons in Long Reining and Lungeing:

How to lunge correctly and understand how to improve your horse with work in-hand.


Can compete on behalf of owners in Dressage and Showing.

Advice on purchase:

Will view horse/pony prior to purchase/vetting to check suitability.



Lessons in the Alexander Technique are very beneficial for riders as it teaches them to develop body awareness and balance in movement. This awareness helps the rider to understand the effect they are having on the horse by the way they are using their own body. Riders are then able to maintain their balance much better and this then helps the horse to work comfortably.

Vartoug Gulbenkian is a very experienced teacher and can do lessons at her home, or will come to you if you can get a small group of people together. Lessons are on a one to one basis. She will be available for lessons at Lomond Classical Training Centre on Wednesdays. Contact her direct on ...

Tel: 0208 810 5302