This review featured in 'Hoofbeat' magazine May 2007


Maybe you will find the way with Debbie's help. She has been teaching for over 20 years and is an experienced rider and trainer. Her combined knowledge of body awareness skills and Classical Dressage training enables riders to get their horses working correctly and, most importantly,  produces comfortable horses who are happy to work. Any shape, size or model, she has no prejudice and finds the best in them all.

"Debbie's compassion and empathy for all horses shines through in her teaching and brings real results. My horse is an ex- racehorse and with Debbie's support and encouragement we have learnt a correct way of going, grown in confidence and are having fun in our riding again" - Lyn Danaher

Debbie freelances mainly in Surrey teaching people on their own horses. She also gives lessons on a riding simulator to riders of all levels.

"My lesson on the simulator was far more beneficial than I thought possible. Debbie's knowledge of Alexander Technique brings more depth and understanding to the lesson. I was really amazed at the changes that I've made in just one session and it's made a big difference to my horse for the better. I can't wait for my next one! " - Caroline Hill

This article was reproduced from 'Horse and Rider' magazine
in which Debbie was featured as Trainer of the month.  Feb. 2000

Debbie lives in Cranleigh, Surrey and is a freelance trainer specialising in dressage, be it remedial, for pleasure or serious competition.

She enjoys working with all types of horses and although she has successfully shown pure bred Arabs and part-bred Andalucians for clients, her preferred discipline is dressage, where she has successfully competed up to Advanced Medium Level.

Dutch warm blood ,
Owner, Maureen Moss
Pure bred arabian
Owner, Alice Rugheimer

She is totally professional in all aspects of her work and is highly respected. Furthermore, she has immeasurable knowledge and understanding of horses and is always available if you need advice.

Although I have only known her for a year, I recognise something in her which is very special. Her rapport with horses is amazing and they readily respond to her innate quiet authority: force and domination are not her style. She rides with such acute sensitivity and empathy that she can detect the slightest unsoundness: accordingly, I trust her utterly with my horse, whom she both schools and competes for me, and he is singularly devoted to her.

Debbie combines classical training methods with modern thoughts on body awareness. She teaches riders of all standards in a sympathetic, yet firm manner, and has the patience of a saint - she needs it ! Her aim is to get the best out of both rider and the horses simultaneously but is relaxed enough to recognise any effort in that direction. She wants you to improve and succeed.

She is a very warm, caring person with the best interests of everyone at heart. She is totally honest and straightforward and, despite her success in dressage and showing, she remains modest and very well-liked.

Part bred Andalucian
Owner, Jill Fewster